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Cooling Gel Top Curved or Flat With Cover Pillow

Cooling Gel Top Curved or Flat With Cover Pillow

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Introducing our Flat Memory Foam Gel Pillow, designed to provide supreme comfort and support. This memory foam pillow boasts a gel layer on top, offering a unique blend of comfort and cooling freshness. It molds to your individual shape, promoting proper spinal alignment for a restful night's sleep. With a high-density memory foam construction and a generous 12cm thickness, it's engineered for your ultimate comfort.

And for those seeking an innovative solution, we present our Curve Shaped Memory Foam Gel Pillow. It's a revolution in sleep technology, combining memory foam with Hydraluxe Gel for a truly unique experience. This contour pillow cradles the curves of your head and neck perfectly, improving spinal alignment and muscle relaxation. The gel layer ensures a refreshing coolness, enhancing your sleep quality.
Key Features of Flat Memory Foam Gel Pillow:

- πŸ’€ Supreme Memory Foam with Gel Layer
- πŸ”„ Molds to Your Shape for Correct Spinal Alignment
- ❄️ Cooling Freshness with Gel Layer
- πŸ›οΈ High-Density Memory Foam (12cm Thick)

Key Features of the Curve Shaped Memory Foam Gel Pillow:

- 🌟 Fusion of Memory Foam and Hydraluxe Gel Technology
- πŸŒ™ Cradles Head and Neck for Better Alignment and Relaxation
- 🌬️ Cooling Freshness with Gel Layer
- 🌟 Improves Sleep Quality and Supports Neck and Shoulder

Experience the next level of sleep comfort and support with our Memory Foam Gel Pillows. Your path to a more refreshing and comfortable sleep starts here! 😴🌟

  • Flat : Β  Β  Β  65cm x 40cm x 14cm

  • Curved: Β 65cm x 40cm x 10cn/12cm


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